Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sunset at Sastaampara, Trivandrum

Sastaampara is situated in Vilappil panchayat of Trivandrum district at a stone’s throw away from the city.  There are steps to the top and the view from the top is just amazing.  This is a place where one can go with the family in the evening, witness the sunset from atop the rock, enjoy the cool breeze that is always blowing on the top.  Earlier, this place used to be frequented by bachelors and anti – social elements for boozing and all, but now the Tourism department has done a good job of transforming this place into a tourist destination which can be visited by families.

Route:  Trivandrum – Thirumala – Peyad – Thachottukavu – left from Thachottukavu junction – go till Moongode junction – take left to Killi from Moongode junction – deviation to Sastampara can be seen along this route (sign board is there by the side of the road).

Distance (from Trivandrum):       14 km.

Facilities:              Not much, except some small temporary shops at the parking site selling snacks.  But shops are present all along the way from Trivandrum, so really not an issue.  If you have children along with you, better to take some snacks and water along with you.

The whole place is lit up with lights from the bottom to the top in the evening, so families can sit for some time even after sunset.

The small temple at the top

Evening sky 

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