Thursday, April 3, 2014

Rock cut cave temple, Vizhinjam.

It had been a while since I first heard about a rock - cut cave temple at Vizhinjam. But the bit of information had also surprised me as I hadn't heard of it before. Today it again popped up while I was doing some browsing in the Net and I suddenly decided to visit the place as it was quite close to my home.
About the Cave Temple
The rock cut temple tradition appears to be an intrusive element in Kerala that drifted from Tamilnadu region.These rock - cut caves have two zones of concentration, the northern group occupying the ancient Chera country and southern groups located in the Ay country. Southern group includes the cave located at Vizhinjam, the capital of later Ays.
Vizhinjam is a tiny village lying about 17 km from Thiruvananthapuram town. It is one of the ancient rock - cut temples in Kerala. It is a small shrine with a central cell, having an independent sculpture of seated Dakshinamurthi datable to 8th century AD. On the two sides of the cell are unfinished panel depicting sculptures of  Tripurantaka and Siva as Nataraja and Parvati standing close to him.
Tripurantaka carrying a bow and arrow in two of his four hands is a fine example of the 8th century sculptural art. His left foot rests on Apasmara, the crown of hair elegantly carved as a high headdress and is highly ornate. It is interesting that different forms of Tripurantaka had developed at such an early date. This presentation is a precursor of a similar type in metal of the time of Rajaraja I.
This is a centrally protected monument under the control of Archaeological Survey of India since 1965.

Location - located at Vizhinjam about 17 km from Trivandrum city. At Vizhinjam junction, take the road to the right side and you can immediately see the temple on the right side. 
Route : Trivandrum - Thiruvallam - Vellar - Vizhinjam.


  1. Wow! Nice to know about this place. Glad you shared it.

  2. Its awesome rock cut cave temple at vizhinjam.!


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  4. I visited this place yesterday.It is surprising to find that few people in that area are aware of it and those who are hardly are proud of this rich heritage .I came back feeling very sad at the way it is so poorly maintained

  5. Thanks for the List .. Its a good one, I always look forward to see your post. These Article so useful.