Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nagaraja Temple, Nagercoil.

Nagaraja Temple, from which the town of Nagercoil derives its name is situated in Nagercoil town. The main dieties are Anantha Krishna and Nagaraja.

A number of stone idols of Nagas can be found outside beneath the Banyan tree in front of the temple where the Lord Ganapathy is also located. People offer turmeric and milk on these idols, especially during the day of Ayilyam.

The large temple pond in front of the temple

The Upadevas are Mahadeva, Vighneswara, Devi, Subramanya Swami and temple guardian.
Nagercoil is situated at a distance of aound 65 kms from Trivandrum on the Kanyakumari route. Buses ply to Nagercoil from Trivandrum almost on an hourly basis.

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