Sunday, September 27, 2009

One day trip to Kalikesam & Muttom Beach - Part II

Muttom Beach
Muttom Beach is located around 16 kms from Nagercoil. Coming from Trivandrum, after Thuckalay you have to take the Kolachal road to go to Muttom Beach. The Tamilnadu Govt. has tried some landscaping here & you can find some small hut like structures from where you can view the sea. A word of caution - the sea is rough here & the rocks are very slippery, so please be very careful. Also there are thorny bushes on the way to the view point & the beach. There is also a light house near the beach. The quaint houses on the rocky ledges near the beach gives it a Mediterranean like appearance. Now for some pictures from Muttom beach.

The light house at Muttom Beach

Way to View Point. Note the thorny bushes by the side.

Cotton Clouds. You can also see the structures built by the Tamilnadu Govt. for tourists.

Some shots from View Point

Path to the beach

Some beach shots

Railings have been erected along the rocks for safety. It would be prudent not to venture beyond this point.

Some buildings close to the beach meant for facilities to tourists. They had not started functioning at the time of our visit.


  1. Yes Sanu, many parts of this coast were hit by the Tsunami.

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