Sunday, January 29, 2012

Munro Thuruthu: a non - touristy destination near Kollam

Location: around 90 kms from Trivandrum and around 40 kms from Kollam.

Route: Trivandrum - Attingal - Kottiyam - Kundara - Munro Thuruthu

Coming from Trivandrum, take the NH 47 route to Kollam. After around 60 kms comes Kottiyam. From Kottiyam take the right to Kundara. On reaching Kundara Hospital Junction take the right and after a short distance you have to take a left across a level crossing to go to Munro Thuruthu.
Munro Thuruthu is not your usual touristy place. In fact, it won't even figure in most people's  travel plans. So how on earth did I end up visiting this place? Well, my friend Pradeep wanted to go some place where there are (according to him) no or very less number of "evolved monkeys" spoiling the peace. As we made out of Trivandrum in the direction of Kollam in search of such a place, the first place that came to my mind was Sasthamkotta Lake. Further down the road, we saw a sign board saying Ashtamudi Lake and the destination got changed to Ashtamudi Lake. But I had no idea about reaching Ashtamudi Lake so both of us were looking out for directions when we saw the next sign board. Yes, change of plans yet again and we were off to Munro Thuruthu. We had an expectation about the place as both of us had seen the place while travelling by train.
We had to ask for directions  couple of times but finally we reached the place. We went to the railway station and parked the car there. We walked around the place taking pictures. The Kallada river flows through here creating a back water effect like Alappuzha. Although not as beautiful as Alappuzha, the place has its charm. One of the plus points is you are unlikely to find any tourists here. As for the beauty of the place and whether it is worth visiting, go through the pictures and decide yourself.

Things to do around the place: take photos, take a ride in the jhankar or any boat.


  1. Quite a sylvan place! Which is the car ferry and which roads does it connect? And there are also houseboats for tourists - I can see one in one of your photos?

  2. Does this river flow into Ashtamudi lake? Remembered me of several EKM-TVM train journeys... Nice photologue btw!!!

  3. Kumar Sir - yes, it is a laid back place. The road on this side of the river is the one going to Munro Thuruthu, we saw the jetty on the way. I have no idea about the other side. While roaming around the place we saw two house boats plying through the river, so definitely house boat service is there. But I have a slight doubt whether they start from Kollam itself.

    akhil - Thank you for the appreciation. Yes, this river does flow into Ashtamudi Lake. And the desire to visit Munro Thuruthu came from watching the place on several train journeys.

  4. The Ashtamudi Lake is so named because of its eight 'arms' or channels is the gateway to the backwaters. Backwaters is the most popular tourist attraction of Kerala. Tourist across the seas comes here to visit the amazing location and for many travelers who prefer to stay at resorts in kollam.

  5. the ferry service u saw there is going to bharanicav in sasthamcotta...many roads and places can be assessed easily through that ferry. one is bharanicav - sasthamcotta , the anthr one is bharanicav - adoor , bharanicav - kottarakara , karalimukku - thevalakkra- titanium junction , will join with nh 47 ....again if u go to bharanicav - chakkuvally joins with nh 7 in kayamkulam....

    its is a cluster of islands at the place where kallada river joins with astamudi lake ..

    @ranjith - wsome pics ..feel free to read this one tooo.....

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