Saturday, May 28, 2011

Trip to Nambikoil and Agastiyar Falls

Route: Trivandrum - Nagercoil - Muppandal - Panakkudi - Thirukurungudi - Kalakadu - Ambasamudram - Shengottai - Aryankavu - Palode - Nedumangadu - Trivandrum

Total Distance travelled - around 400 kms.

Nambikoil at Tirukurungudi is one of the 108 Vaishnava temples. At Thirukurungudi, there is one main temple near the road and another one which is called Malaimel Nambi which is situated near the main temple. The Malaimel Nambikoil is accessible only through jeep or by walking after a certain distance. Jeeps are available from the main temple to go to Malaimel Nambikoil and it takes around 45 minutes from the main temple. We went in our Xylo until the roads became really bad and from there we walked the rest of the distance. While coming back we rented a jeep.

After going to Nambikoil, we continued along the same route to Ambasamudram via Kalakad. We went to Agastiyar falls and relaxed a bit there and then we continued our journey to Trivandrum via Shengottai. Now for some pictures.

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