Sunday, September 25, 2011

Muzhappilangad Beach: The only drive - in beach in Asia.

Muzhappilangad beach is a relatively unknown destination among tourists - both foreign and domestic. It is situated near Thalasserry in Kannur district. Like the name suggests, it is the only Drive - In Beach in Asia. There is also a private island called Dharmadam Island around 100 - 200 m of this beach. It is said that the island can be reached by walking on low tides.
Me along with my friends had a business meeting at Kozhikode on the 24th of Sep. After the meeting was over, we decided to go to Mahe and stay there for the night and in the morning visit Muzhappilangad Beach. Mahe was a big let down for us. The air was filled with an unpleasant stench and we had to stay indoors in our lodge. Next morning we packed our things, settled the bill and started our journey to Thalasserry.
The Route:
Driving from Thalasserry towards Kannur, one has to take the left turn just before the railway crossing after Moidu bridge. There is an unpaved road leading to the beach through coconut groves.
We had a blast driving and drifting on the beach in my friend Pramod's Lancer. The Lancer was a perfect tool for these sort of stunts, and we thoroughly enjoyed the stunts. The beach was almost deserted apart from some locals and another Wagon R guy who was driving with the driver's door open and another guy in a Nano. Now for some photos of the beach.

Happy Driving everyone! :)


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