Friday, March 5, 2010

Thrikadavur Mahadeva Temple Festival, Kollam

Thrikadavur Mahadeva temple is located in Kollam district, quite close to the town itself. It is one of the most famous Mahadeva temples in Kollam. The annual festival falls in the month of Kumbham (February). The festival is spread over 10 days, but the "kettukazcha" or the procession of the horses is on the 9th & 10th days of the festival. There are 8 artificial horses representing 8 karas or regions.
I came to know of this temple through my cousin's husband, who is a native of the place. He invited me to visit the place during the festival period.The below photos were taken on the 9th day of the festival.

Route: Kollam is around 71 kms from Trivandrum on the NH Road. Once you enter Kollam town, go straight to the KSRTC stand junction. Continue straight on the NH to the next junction which is High School Junction. Turn right from this junction. Moving straight you will come across Thevally Bridge. Cross the bridge & continue straight to go to Kadavur temple.
Now for the photos
The Temple

One of the artificial horses being taken around the temple
 A section of the crowd
 The Kodimaram (flag post) & the horses
 The procession of the deity around the temple
 Panchari melam
 Close up of the head
 Cute derriere

The horses are stabilised by these people through the ropes

Evening Sky above the temple
 Colourful balloons
 Hawkers with their wares

Hope you enjoyed this dose of Kerala festivities.

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  1. I dont know anything about this festival but reading your blog and the images gave me an idea of this.Thank you for posting. VRL Travels